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From 1994 through 1998, Niko Zinovii artistically created the visual look of most of the Upside Down Animals characters based on the wonderful stories imagined and authored by Taylor St. Sauvage Brandon, based on the animal opposites theme Niko had suggested. Niko also drew the initial 16 children's picture books  authored by Taylor. (See list below)


Niko's original artwork later served as a character and story guide for the subsequent edition of the books, which were re-drawn as a work for hire by the talented artist Leonardo Ariza Ardila

coverPile2 copy.png
Mr B theme song

Children's books that Niko contributed the original first-edition artwork & character look for:

The Elephant Who Couldn't Remember!

The Bird Who Didn't Want To Fly South For The Winter!

The Bird Who Was Afraid To Clean The Crocodile's Teeth!

The Straw That Didn't break The Camel's Back!

The Bear Who Couldn't Hibernate!

The Skunk Who Didn't Want to Stink!

The Opossum Who Didn't Want To Play Dead!

The Penguin Who Disliked The Cold!

The Turtle Who Felt Boxed In!

The Pig Who Didn't Want To Get Dirty!

The Rooster Who Didn't Want To Wake Up Early Anymore!

The Lemming Who Didn't Want To Take The Plunge!

The Eagle Who Didn't Want To Wear His Glasses Anymore!

The bird who is afraid of heights!

The Hyena Who Wouldn't Laugh!

The Fish Who Couldn't Swim!

Mr B all characters-to upload copy.jpg

Mr B and his friends!

Art by Leonardo Ariza Ardila

April 31 2014-Beverly Hills CA.jpg

Owners of Painting Daydreams, from left to right

Taylor St. Sauvage Brandon, Guy Scata, Niko Zinovii

Niko inking Camel book copy.jpg

A young Niko Zinovii in 1995 inking a page from The Straw That Didn't Break the Camel's Back!

young designer copy 3.jpg

A very young Niko, in the 3rd grade, being honored with having his artistic logo selected to be placed on his primary school's school shirts and sweaters.   

Painting Daydreams logo 3 inch height 200 res.tif


towering over

the boy's imagination."


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